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At Soakers Water Hauling Ltd., we believe that safety is key to our protecting employees, communities and equipment from harm. Soakers is a proud member of the AMTA. We have a COR certified safety program and culture that emphasizes safety from senior management through to frontline workers. Through training, safety meetings, inspections and hazard assessments, we ensure that there is a continual effort to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.

Our approach to safety involves both proactive and reactive components. Proactively we are always trying to identify and control hazards and potential health and safety issues before they become an incident. Reactively, if there is an incident, we use root cause analysis to pin point the main reasons that the incident took place. We then implement corrective actions to address those root causes to prevent similar incidents from happening again. The company equipment is supported through a preventative maintenance program and vehicles are equipped with first aid kit, spill kit, certified fire extinguisher, pylons, safety lights, and safety arrow boards. Staff are required to wear all required protective equipment including reflective vests at all times. Safety of our staff is of the utmost importance.

At the end of the day, the safety program and culture depend on full buy-in from all members of the Soakers team, including Management, Supervisors, Drivers, Safety and Shop Staff. We rely on all these individuals as well as industry partners and associations that work alongside us in an effort to provide an efficient, quality and above all safe service to our clients.